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Nothing is impossible.

Perhaps understandably because of the turmoil and a lack of real leadership, there are those in our state today who have lost belief in our future.  They have bought into the implicit message conveyed by the Democratic political establishment that Delaware’s best days are behind us and that we must accept the diminished and chaotic “new normal”. Leaders who claim that our problems are too difficult to solve fuel this loss of belief.   They tell us to learn to live with less and lower our expectations for the future.  They expect us to simply accept their failures and the decline of our state’s economic health, safety, and welfare with the assurance that they are “doing the best they can.”

That’s not good enough for me, and I don’t believe it’s good enough for the people of Delaware either.

When I first came to Delaware to attend college, I could not have imagined the impact this great little state would have upon my life and family.

More than a quarter century later, my love for Delaware could not be greater.   I am proud of our rich history and the outsized influence our small state has had upon our nation. And despite our current troubles, I am confident about our future.  We can fix this! But to ensure a Delaware of unlimited possibility for all of our citizens we must make the right choices.  We cannot continue to do what has not worked in the past. Our future prosperity depends on a vibrant economy, safe neighborhoods, strong schools and first class transportation and infrastructure systems.

These are some of the issues that first led me to enter public service in the state Senate, and now more than ever continue to be the issues that drive me today.

To explain their failures, our current leaders consistently blame circumstances beyond their control.

But I am totally unwilling to accept the notion that the hard working men and women of our state are to carry the burden of circumstance.  I will not sit idly by and let the current leaders lead us further down a failed road of chaos in the streets, condoned hatred for our neighbors, lack of opportunity for so many of our citizens, schools that so frequently fail to meet the needs of our children, and the destruction and decline of our economy. 

My election will send a clear message that Delaware is setting a new course. 

The key to restoring the health of our economy and bringing real opportunity to all our citizens lies with reversing the decades old policies of overtaxing, overspending, and over-regulating in this state. We are all too familiar with how these issues have been compounded over the last several months, but these policies were failing us long before the pandemic.

The arrogance of the political establishment knows no bounds.  It accepts no blame for our condition and fails to face facts and give fair analysis of where we are.  Delaware families, businesses and whole communities are hurting.  

As Governor, I will be up front with the people of our state.  I will lay out both our challenges and our opportunities, and I will give it to you straight.  I will also use every resource available to me to ensure that government serves the will of the people, not the other way around.

Restoring the Delaware economy, bringing an out of control bureaucracy into check and ensuring the strong schools and safe neighborhoods we expect are big tasks. 

None of it will be easy.  But the choice is clear.

We can go on letting the state fall behind or we can make the choices needed to build a brighter future.  Some people want you to believe that things simply can’t be done, or that our circumstances, the cards that we have been dealt are too tall a task to overcome.  But we do not have to cede the future of our state to the doubters, cynics and naysayers.

Anything can be done.  These goals can be accomplished.

We have within our state the talent, the resources, the pride and the history to rise up, to build, to dream and to succeed.  We will prove the doubters wrong. We have the power to do it.  By removing the roadblocks erected by an ineffective state government, we can unleash the strength and talents of our people and put Delaware on a new and stronger course.

Delaware faces unprecedented problems.  Working with you as your Governor, we can, and will, fix this! 

Yours in service,  




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