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Nothing is impossible.

Perhaps understandably because of the turmoil and a lack of real leadership, there are those in our state today who have lost belief in our future.  They have bought into the implicit message conveyed by the Democratic political establishment that Delaware’s best days are behind us and that we must accept the diminished and chaotic “new normal”. Leaders who claim that our problems are too difficult to solve fuel this loss of belief.   They tell us to learn to live with less and lower our expectations for the future.  They expect us to simply accept their failures and the decline of our state’s economic health, safety, and welfare with the assurance that they are “doing the best they can.”

That’s not good enough for me, and I don’t believe it’s good enough for the people of Delaware either.


After 28 years of Democrat leadership, this is where we are…


Wilmington remains one of the most dangerous cities in the country. 70% of those released from Delaware prisons will commit new crimes and be back in prison within two years.


Only 39% of Delaware students are proficient in reading and math and less than 20% of Black students in WIlmington read at grade level. 40% of Delaware’s children live in single parent households.


We are one of two states that has seen a rise in poverty in the last 4 years. 28% of working families live in poverty. 22% of workers have low wage jobs. 50% of parents use public assistance programs.


 Delaware spends nearly $11,000 per citizen, the 10th highest rate in the country. Not only is our government expensive, it’s ineffective as well.


Jobs – Delaware’s number one need
Jobs are Colin’s number one priority. The only true way out of poverty and the best way to help Delaware families is with meaningful employment. Colin has a proven pro-growth record and extensive private sector experience. He even received the “Guardian of Small Business Award” from the National Federation of Independent Business for his efforts to bring quality jobs to Delaware.
Education – every delaware child deserves a quality education
The children in Delaware’s public schools need help. Colin has a plan to bring the necessary resources to where they are needed throughout our school systems. He knows that quality teachers and safe, supportive classrooms are the educational foundation our children deserve.
Public Safety – The primary duty of government is to protect our communities
Every citizen of Delaware has the right to feel safe in their homes and community. Calls to eliminate or completely defund the police are utterly irresponsible. Colin is a proud supporter of our first responders. We can, and must, heal the divisions we face by working together to bring hope and prosperity to our communities wracked by crime and unrest. Colin will work tirelessly to make sure the rights of our citizens are protected and that those committing crime will be held accountable.
COVID-19 Recovery – As we open our economy we must be safe and transparent
Our response to the Virus must be based on two fundamental policies: 1) We must open our businesses and non-profits immediately while making sure that common-sense precautions are followed. And 2) We must protect our most vulnerable populations; Specifically the very elderly and those with compromised health. In addition, it’s critical that any government assistance be targeted toward employers and employees and not simply more bureaucracy. Delaware’s economy can recover but it will take strong leadership. Colin will be that leader.
Healthcare and Addiction – Affordable, accessible healthcare & help for those facing addiction
Delaware has some of the highest rates of chronic disease and addiction in the country. In addition, Delaware’s healthcare costs are simply too high. Portability, transparency and the unrelenting focus on chronic illness and addiction through expanded treatment and persistent follow-up are some of the keys to managing our healthcare crisis. Colin’s goal is to make sure every Delaware family can access the services they need and to do so in a fair and cost efficient way.

about COLIN

Throughout his years in the Delaware State Senate, Colin Bonini has continuously rejected the “go along to get along” political culture in Dover. Indeed, he’s refused to support a single bloated state budget during his tenure.

Colin’s energy, common sense conservatism and willingness to stand up against the big government politicians haven’t gone unnoticed.  Over the years he’s been honored by groups ranging from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award) and the Kent County Republican Party (Legislator of the Year) to the Food Bank of Delaware (Legislator of the Year for his work to help Delawareans fight hunger).

Beating the political odds is nothing new to Colin.  Becoming the youngest member of the Delaware Senate when he was elected at the age of 29, Bonini was called “the longest shot in the State of Delaware” by members of the media before his upset victory.

Colin’s intelligence, obvious sincerity, affability, and a real concern for people and the challenges they face have helped Colin be reelected seven times in his predominantly Democrat State Senate District. Senator Bonini was the Republican Party’s nominee for State Treasurer in 2010 losing by a few thousand votes and garnering 49 percent of the vote. In 2016 Colin was the party’s nominee for Governor (after receiving 70 percent of the vote in the primary election) and received over 20,000 more votes than the Republican nominee in the previous election.

Colin grew up in Stanford, California, the son of Dr. Charles P. Bonini, Professor of Decision Sciences, emeritus, and a former Dean at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, (The Economic Modeling theory “The BoninI Paradox” is named after Dr. Bonini) and Dr. Cissie  Rafferty, a Professor of Renaissance History. The sixth of seven children, Colin is an identical twin.  His twin brother, Griffin (older by four minutes), is a Superior Court Judge in San Jose, California.

Colin came to Delaware to attend Wesley College. While there, Colin was a Dean’s List student, was elected President of his Senior Class and lettered in three varsity sports (football, basketball and tennis). Colin also worked for U.S. Senator Bill Roth and spent three months working for the State Department at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, India. He graduated from Wesley in three years with a Bachelors of Arts degree. Colin is the owner and principal of Alliance Associates LLC, a successful business development and frontline customer service firm.

Colin met the love of his life, Dr. Melissa A. Harrington, on an airplane in 1997. Dr. Harrington received her PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University and is a full professor of Biology and Associate Vice President of Research at Delaware State University. She is also Director of The Delaware Center for Neuroscience Research that includes faculty at both Delaware State University and the University of Delaware. Colin and Melissa were married in 2001, and reside on their ten-acre horse farm, “Black Dog Farm”, with their newly adopted dog Maggie, and three cats: Boo-Boo,  Lucky and Rambo. Black Dog Farm is just north of Magnolia.